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Unveiling the new Photography Ebooks Now Available!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of two brand-new ebooks that are set to elevate your photography game to new heights. As someone who’s spent years exploring the art of photography, from some hectic mountain biking moments to breathtaking alpine treks, I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you through these valuable resources.

Honourable Mention in the IPA Awards

Recently I entered the International Photography Awards (IPA), and came away with two Honourable mentions that my photographs from my unforgettable journey to Mongolia. The photos I submitted for the IPA Awards were a result of my adventures in Mongolia, where I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the world of Kazakh eagle hunters. Mongolia's vast landscapes

Sony Kando in Port Douglas

Embarking on an unforgettable journey as a Sony digital imaging ambassador, I had the immense pleasure of attending the first Sony Kando Conference for Australasia held in the captivating town of Port Douglas, Australia. This remarkable event brought together a diverse community of passionate photographers, ambassadors, advocates enthusiasts, and industry professionals, allowing us to forge new connections, expand

Bikepacking with Aeroe

Heading into Mavora lakes is one of our favourite destinations to escape. Rather than drive around the mountains from Queenstown we decided we’d take a more direct line as the valleys start just across the lake from our home. A bit more of an Adventure and perfect place to test out the Aeroe bikepacking carrier system.

A1 sequence shot of Redbull FMX athlete Tyler Bereman going huge at the Frew Farm jam. Captured by Sony Ambassador and Photographer Stefan Haworth

Frew Farm Jam with Sony

Frew Farm jam has always been on the calendar for summer. What started as a small bike jam over years led to a huge event drawing in athletes from around the world. Tucked away in the southern kiwi hills, on the Frew family farm lies finely tuned lips amongst the sheep.

Skip James surfing at the Mount Maunganui beach on Verdure Surfboard. Captured by Sony Ambassador and Adventure Photographer Stefan Haworth

East Cape to Nest Fest

Nest Fest was on the agenda. Car was packed, board on the roof, we left the mount for Napier, more so Havelock North to be specific. We decided to leave East Cape for the return leg to be less of a rush. With the raging heat we stopped in Ohope, then swimming in rivers and learning about

Revisting Mongolia

If someone asked me where do you see yourself in 10 years, Cover of Rolling Stones? Yeah right, you don't wanna hear me try make music. 10 years is out of the question let alone three years. But three years ago I did visit Mongolia and knew i’d be back. Going back there was one trip that made

Cherry blossom in Japan

Sony flew me to Korea (click here if you haven't read it) and I figured japan is so close I might as well go there. I’ve heard and seen so much of Japan. The immense culture, insane powder for skiing, stunning architecture, cherry blossom, history, there's a lot to it. Japan’s always been on my list to properly

Korea antics with Sony

Where do I start. Pretty much every guy has been persuaded by their kids, family, friends or someone to wear make up for a joke. Going to a beauty parlour is on another level. Korea was that… next… level.

NZ South Island surf trip

Photography is a huge passion of mine, I made it my career for over 10 years now. I really enjoy taking photographs of beautiful scenics, culture, but my favourite is action sports. Capturing an athlete in my own creative way with the scenics, showing their skill, showing the surroundings, giving the best frame I can. I’ve learnt over