Want to learn how to use your camera and improve your photography, and learn to capture stunning images that tell a story?


Stefan Haworth’s comprehensive 'Fundamentals of Photography' 40+ page ebook is your essential guide to start on the basics and work your way up.


Stefan Haworth, an adventure and action sports photographer with nearly two decades of experience, shares his expertise in this ebook to help you navigate the exciting world of photography.

Written by NZ Photographer Stefan Haworth



Your essential guide to start on photography basics

This ebook covers a wide array of topics to empower you on your photographic journey. You’ll explore essential areas such as gear selection, white balance, camera modes, natural lighting, focusing techniques, drive modes, and much more. However, what sets this guide apart is its emphasis on not just capturing images but also unleashing your creativity. It’s not just about knowing your camera but also understanding how to wield it as a tool of artistic expression.

Stefan’s ebook, ‘Fundamentals of Photography’ is a game-changer for beginners like me. It demystified photography and gave me the confidence to start shooting like a pro. His real-world examples made learning a breeze. Highly recommended!


A closer look

Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation: This ebook provides a comprehensive understanding of metering modes and exposure compensation. You’ll learn how to fine-tune your camera’s exposure settings to master perfect lighting and balance in your photos, giving your images that professional touch.

Framing Techniques: You’ll delve into the art of framing, mastering how to compose visually stunning shots with techniques such as the rule of thirds and leading lines. You’ll learn how to create captivating images that draw viewers into your unique photographic stories.

Light Triangle with Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO: ‘Photography Fundamentals’ unravels the intricacies of the light triangle, covering aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You’ll gain the expertise to control exposure, capture motion, and achieve desired visual effects, ensuring your photos are perfectly exposed in any situation.

eBook: Fundamentals of Photography

Learn the basics of photography from Stefan Haworth, Adventure and Action sports Photographer



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Redbull BMX athlete Michael 'Hucker' Clark reviewing photos with Sony Ambassador and Photographer Stefan Haworth

With this detailed 40+ page ebook, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to control your camera to capture the scene. Whether you dream of photographing epic outdoor adventures or simply want to improve your photography skills for personal enjoyment, Fundamentals Of Photography is your first step to success.



Get your copy of Fundamentals Of Photography ebook now and let your creativity shine through your lens!

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