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Tanna Island with Tourism Vanuatu

After my success capturing Santo Island, Vanuatu tourism contracted me to photograph Tanna Island, a place with a reputation for its untamed spirit and incredible natural beauty. With Mt. Yasur, the most accessible active volcano in the world, and vibrant tribal communities, Tanna Island promised a journey unlike any other.

Flockhill Lodge Activities

As a commercial photographer it’s a great passion capturing the essence of luxury experiences. An invitation from Flockhill Lodge, one of New Zealand’s most esteemed alpine retreats, to document their guest activities was a moment of profound honour. This prestigious assignment perfectly aligned with my expertise and passion for showcasing the pinnacle of hospitality and adventure.

Jade Barclay Painting Collection

Pretty special to collaborate with my partner and talented artist, Jade Barclay, to photograph the essence of her latest art collection from Wild and Salty Studio. At Moke Lake in Queenstown, we setup a display of her collection to create a visual narrative that mirrored her artistic journey, which draws inspiration from both the raw beauty of nature

Photographing adventures on Takacat inflatable boat

Through 2023, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Takacat, a NZ based inflatable boat company. Our mission: to capture the spirit of adventure, the essence of innovation, and the boundless beauty of Queenstown‘s waterways through captivating photography, all while embarking on thrilling explorations

Ben Gully modelling SS22 Finisterre clothing brand while hiking in southern Alps, New Zealand

SS22 with Finisterre

Recently I got in touch by Finisterre for a mini campaign for the their Spring 2022 campaign. It was awesome to bring their first NZ shoot to the brand especially in my home town of Queenstown in the southern alps. The funny part was being the opposite in the southern hemisphere it was still raging summer heat wearing