Jade Barclay Painting Collection

Sony Ambassador

Digital Imaging Ambassador

Pretty special to collaborate with my partner and talented artist, Jade Barclay, to photograph the essence of her latest art collection from Wild and Salty Studio. At Moke Lake in Queenstown, we setup a display of her collection to create a visual narrative that mirrored her artistic journey, which draws inspiration from both the raw beauty of nature and the grace of the feminine form. Our afternoon at Moke Lake was a true collaboration, where art and photography intertwined to capture the essence of balance, harmony, and the natural world that inspires Jade’s work.
Jade Barclay’s artistic journey is as unique as her creations. Drawing inspiration from the feminine form and the landscapes of Mother Nature, she seamlessly merges these elements into a harmonious artistic vision. Her artistic style is characterised by earthy palettes, delicate lines, rustic textures, and organic strokes, which beautifully embody simplicity and minimalism. More than just an artist, Jade’s creativity is interwoven with her passion for holistic nutrition, women’s wellness, psychology, and her love for the Southern Alps, where she developed her artistic practice.
Jade’s latest art collection, photographed amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Moke Lake, is a visual ode to the spaces in between. Inspired by the central Otago landscapes, this collection celebrates the delicate equilibrium of life. It encapsulates the moments of celebration and mundanity, the blend of noise and silence, and the interplay between sun and rain. Jade’s work invites us to soften into ourselves and the world around us, reflecting the wisdom and balance found in the natural world. Her art speaks to the soul, reminding us to appreciate the beauty in the small and extraordinary moments of life, offering a profound message of joy-based living, empowerment, and healing, all guided by the teachings of nature.
I’ve been fortunate to have been capturing some of Jade’s artistic journey through photography, this has been a standout for the setup we created amongst the stunning backdrop.