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Fine art print of backroads in the beetle from Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth, NZ. Image captured with Chef Sarah Glover in Tasmania
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Adventure Photographer Stefan Haworth Capturing photos off the Southern Alps in Glenorchy in New Zealand next to his series Land Rover
After 14 years as a photographer I’m finally selling my imagery as fine art prints. Majority of my photos have gone to clients for commercial use but after numerous requests I’ve set up shop for selling prints online. Going through my large library of photos makes me hugely proud of what has been achieved and what I’m curating to supply as fine art prints.
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Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth holding fine art print
Fine art print of Patience of the eagle from Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth, NZ. Image captured in Mongolia with a Kazakh eagle hunter

Why only 6 prints visible?

I decided i’d like to limit the choices and update them more regularly. When they are there, they are there and get them while they are. Not limited edition but not taking commissions.
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Poster hangers for Stefan Haworth fine art prints

Custom framing

With my print lab they also offer custom framing to match with s selection of variations we’ve picked out. With beautiful Tasmanian oak natural wood and classic black or white frames, plus just recently a blueish tone to match one of the prints which was a new one.
Stylish poster hanger in stained teak that is a popular and cheaper alternative to classic picture frames. Your prints are held up by magnets without taking any damage — a high-quality product made out of wood that comes with a brown leather strap. These are a great and cheaper option to hang prints with a simplistic and stylish look.
Lounge containing Stefan Haworth's fine art print "TASMAN ICE CAVERNS"
Lounge containing Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth's fine art print "OTAGO WINTER HUES"
Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth's fine art print "BURLY SOUTH"


I’ve held back selling prints at the thought of not wanting support commercialism and resources going to waste. My key priority other than giving you an item you love and not doing it at the expense of our environment. We all live, work and breathe the environment, it’s only ours to share if we take care of it. I’ve seen the worst of it around the world in developing countries, even more so in our backyard of New Zealand.
I’ve made a conscious effort to make sure each and every order thats custom made for you has plastic waste is zero to my control and minimal for anything else.
The amazing New Zealand based print lab I deal with do a great job keeping it plastic free sending it to me. Unfortunately it’s out of my control the resources they require to manufacture and acquire materials of their own.
For me they specially package the flat pack with tissue paper and cardboard combo, packaged up with biodegradable packing tape and in compostable bag. Tubed is the same without the caps.
Fine art print of Moroccan Points from Queenstown Photographer Stefan Haworth, NZ. Image captured in Morocco by Sony ambassador Stefan Haworth