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Stefan Haworth photographing Ha long Bay in Vietnam with Sony a7rII and FE 16-35mm f/4
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Stefan Haworth walking along Balangan Beach with Sony a7rII and FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

Packing light is key

It can be pretty hard figuring what camera gear to take while travelling, if its backpacking or just a simple holiday. Nobody wants to lug everything with them, but no one wants to miss a shot due to gear. It’s a pretty common problem and never easy to give a specific answer to. A lot of people are happy with a 24-70mm to cover all bases. Some will go with a wide and a long lens. Thats pretty much what I do but also add my fav lens length, the 35mm. Then there comes the question of a back up camera….

Stefan Haworth Photographing surfing on Lombok, Indonesia
Stefan Haworth photographing balloons flying over Bagan in Myanmar with Sony a7rII and FE 16-35mm f/4
Stefan Haworth filming Roy Peak on the Sony Action Cam in Wanaka.
I can’t say this works for everyone but it’s my general all round light kit. The small Sony Rx1rII is always in hand and not compromising in quality. Easily my favourite camera. The Sony a7RII is then used with a wide or longer lens.
Camera & lenses:
-Sony a7rII give more diversity with lenses.
-Sony FE 16-35mm f/4. Great for getting up close and involved or POV.
-Sony FE 70-200mm f/4. Much lighter and smaller than the 2.8 and gives a great flare.
-Sony Rx1RII, Can be treated as a back up camera. I would carry a 35mm 1.4 but this substituted also saving a larger back up camera. The 35mm is great around coverage and my fav lens length. The f/2 is perfect, 1.4 is a little bit more dreamy in the bokeh but its downsizing for travelling.
-Sony Action Cam x3000 + mounts. I use these to make edits and capture unique angles. Much different from a DSLR, there’s quite a few keys elements to get shots on Action Cams.
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Stefan Haworth sitting on army truck and reviewing images in Mongolia with Sony a7rII and FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

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Solo horse trekking trip through Mongolia, Stefan Haworth looking through images at the campsite at sunset
-Macbook Air, super light for travel. Would have upgraded to the latest pro if it had the SD card slot.
-1 TB & 2TB portable HDD, I carry these around in a small padded lens case.
-4x 64GB SD cards + 2x 64GB micro SD cards, haven’t found the perfect holder without CF card slots annoyingly.
-fstop tilopa bag + small pro ICU. Have gone through a few. By far the best bag I’ve owned and haven’t found anything comparable. I use hiking, climbing, in the snow. Every where. I’ve travelled around the world for 3 months only with the Tilopa as carry on. Can slip out the ICU and sling over the shoulder for smaller walk arounds.
-15L dry bag, handy to have incase things get really wet and crossing a river in a sketchy boat or its flood season. I’ve used it multiple times swimming with the ICU inside.
Stefan Haworth reviewing footage on the Sony Action Cam
Stefan Haworth photographing reflection of temples in Sri Lanka with Sony a7rII and FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS
Climbing Mitre Peak filming the Sony Action Camera video
-cords/chargers + extras in shoe bag
-2x 10,000hz portable chargers. Don’t go too big or else you can’t take them on the plane. Also make sure the size is on the device or they get confiscated. I use all the time. Can charge the iPhone 5 times. Charging Action cam batteries need to have two charging at once for it to work, can get about 8 batteries charged
-USB charger for the a7 batteries. Third Party off Ebay and works well. Unsure on how long it takes vs the wall charger but fast enough.
-Manfrotto Modo tripod, super compact and lightweight with features to get low and hard angles. Sadly they aren’t produced anymore and those features can only be found on high end heavier tripods. If I got even lighter I will use a strong clip mount
-Sony Action Cam telecopic Monopod, The a7 Mirrorless system is super light so I can use the monopod to extend height or hang it out over walls to get a different angle, then use the live view remote from the Action Cam to see the framing

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Stefan Haworth filming Roy Peak on the Sony Action Cam in Wanaka.

Sony Action Cam

Sony gear list myanmar. Sony 4k Action camera and Sony a7II paired with FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

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