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Stefan Haworth swinging on the beach of Lombok with Sony Action Cam. Photo by Sony Ambassador Stefan Haworth
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Stefan Haworth filming on the Sony Action Cam

Always in my pocket

There’s no doubt why POV cameras are widely used around the world. They’re simple, easy and built rough for all uses. I use the Sony Aciton Cam a heap with footage of antics during my travels, behind the scenes moments and backyard adventures I get up to. I’ll be in my side pocket to pull out when things get interesting.
The x3000 is the most powerful 4k Sony Action Cam they’ve put out. I have a few of them in my kit. Huge improvements and new features. What’s quite amazing is the stabiliser. I was never into it before but testing it out blew my mind, I could run beside a Bmx rider over uneven ground with smooth clear footage.
Stefan Haworth skating down the road to Mount Cook on the Sony Action Cam
Stefan Haworth Photographing surfing on Lombok, Indonesia
Stefan Haworth filming Roy Peak on the Sony Action Cam in Wanaka.
Accessories I use:
-monopod, can give a stable steadi look. Also to get the camera further way from the body to show more of the activities. Also handy to raise the a7rIII higher for angles.
-Action Cam live view remote. Can also use with the a7rII and RX1RII for hard to see angle. I use it to set up shots or record/take photos remotely, extend the wifi if needed.
-clip mount, saves take a tripod, can hold a a7 too. I set this up to level the camera or clip it to railings. Really handy to have on the go.
-A must is the lens cap, they have new rubber caps which work really well. Sometimes they do fall off so have some back ups or use the clip on protector. Don’t film with it as it fills up dust and dirt if you just use it for storage like I do.
-Mouth mount with adapter, perfect for head stabilisation and POV works better down lower than too high on the head. Up and down movements have some wobble from flex of rubber so tightening with it  pressed to the jaw will help stop that.

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Sitting around the campfire in Mongolia with Sony Action Cam
-EV +/-. It helps so much! I use all the time to help get the correct exposure.
-frame rates, I use 4k 100Mb/s or 1080p 60fps, beware zooming too much will degrade your footage. Higher Mb/s means better quality so you have more room to zoom.
-Clean the lens!!! being such a small lens, those smudges blur and fog your videos. Careful of scratches, same deal, they appear huge too.Also sun flare will be horrible
-Don’t open the housing door until its dried off, the moisture gets in and fogs up the lens. Also check the O ring is clean each time. If sands/dirt on it, it may leak like all housings.
-anti fog inserts help if your using the camera in cold water or cold conditions. They heat up inside so prevent moisture entering the case if your about to use it. If its humid leave in the sun with the case closed so it heats up and then slightly open for the now humid air to leave.
Stefan Haworth reviewing footage on the Sony Action Cam
Stefan Haworth holding eagle in Mongolia with Sony Action Camera
Climbing Mitre Peak filming the Sony Action Camera video
-Turn off GPS, bluetooth and wifi to get longer battery.
-Change the beep to silent, Its annoying hearing the settings change every button press, but then you still hear the record sound.
-Use long range wifi for larger distance if needed, does chew through battery faster though.
-I use 10,000Mhz battery packs to charge dual via usb.
-Filming, shaking sucks, the new stabiliser is such an improvement and will help hugely, but if you bumping around, the most stable it is the better.
-Use a sunglasses bag to carry around the Action Cam if its not used in the housing.
Stefan Haworth on worlds largest sand dune Khongoryn Els in Mongolia

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Stefan Haworth sitting on army truck and reviewing images in Mongolia with Sony a7rII and FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

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