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The Will and Bear family were coming to New Zealand, checking out my neck of the woods. Just in time to help iron out creases in my new Land Rover I picked up from Christchurch. So naturally we figured what worked in the truck and what … didn’t. At least it made for an epic adventure.
With little downtime I swept away the crew up to Glenorchy to camp in the forest and do a few walks. It was more to the like of clamping, with all the gear accessible in the back of the truck. With Loz and alex from @willandbear, friends @manu_lopezevelez and @neri_xx , our crew was set and stories to be made.
With clear weather forecasted we took a late night drive to camp in Fiordland national park. Woke up in the fog, slowly clearing to revealing the mountains surrounding as we drove towards Milford Sound. Luckily for these guys there wasn’t a frost in sight, the morning’s were easy,. A dip in the very ‘fresh’ river next to our camp proved that.
Down the road we stopped at every pull off bay along the way. We made the call at the rate we were going, we needed more than one night here. Sitting on the bonnet, hot coffee in hand and entertainment from cheeky Kea’s, all sat underneath the enormous mountains overhead. It was a pretty amazing amazing moment to take it.
The crew went for a boat cruise to see Milford while I bathed in the sun and swatted sandflies away. That wasn’t enough though, we decided for the following morning we’d go for a fun heli ride up to Lake Quill that fed the massive Sutherland Falls. Absolutely amazing and blown away. Shame about the heli company with ill mannered service.
With weather on our side we slowly made our way up to Twizel only to make the pink sunset fading over Mt Cook by a few seconds. The last 2mins were the fastest ‘Peanut’ would have been in years. I can tell you, its not one for speed. That and it may send you a lil loopy with no radio. the 5 hour drive had us imitating animal sounds.
Dancing to the views of Mount Cook over Lake Pukaki on top of the DeuceRover.
Visiting Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook area has always been a favourite of mine. This time last year I took the my other land Rover up there. Click here to check that out.
I finally got to hike up to Mueller Hut for a sunset, the scenery couldn’t have been any better, might say the cheeky beers were worth the extra weight. Couldn’t get over hearing the avalanches across the valley.

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Next day we took a flight over Mt Cook and landed on Franz Joseph Glacier. Cheers to Mt Cook Ski planes and helis looking after us at such late notice. I’ve taken a fair few heli rides now but never landed on the snow in a plane. Such a cool experience I won’t forget.

We were hoping to make it to a few second hand shops along the way but most had weird hours and it was near the end of the trip. My last road trip I picked up a vintage canvas kayak for $20. Hopefully pick up some goodies on the next road trip
Cutting time pretty close getting a few more snaps of Mt Cook didn’t leave much time for our hot pools. It wasn’t the best timing either when I ran out of petrol in the landy… Luckily I had a few Jerry cans of fuel. Just the next 20mins were spent waiting as I flooded the engine. In the end we made the sunset and bathed in a wood fire steamy pool with beers in hand.
As the trip came close to an end we squeezed in some time on the coast in Dunedin. I showed them tunnel beach, and few of my favourite spots. Dunedin is a hard one with weather. It’s not often I’ve seen the full sun rise from the ocean. That morning was one of them, I was frothing!
I’m so stoked to be part of the @willandbear family. Its a good crew that are out there doing what they’re about. Living on the road. Cant wait for the next adventure we’re already been pondering up. Cheers for making it fun guys!

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