Conquering the fear of riding horses in Mongolia

Learning to ride a horse while fearing them is one thing, doing it by yourself in Mongolia is another. Straight off the tarmac into the back of a Russian Jeep, over the mountain range I was dropped off at a Kazakh family home in western Mongolia...

Tropical seaside train views in Sri Lanka. Photo by Sony Ambassador Stefan Haworth

Around Sri Lanka by train

Feet hanging out of the train passing through the mountains and overlook tea plantations. It is by far the most beautiful train ride I’ve ever been on. I landed ...

Dancing to the views of Mount Cook over Lake Pukaki on top of the DeuceRover.

Mt Cook Road trip in the Deuce Rover

Summer Road trip taking the DeuceRover to Mount Cook in New Zealand with Sony Ambassador Stefan Haworth. Exploring waterfalls, kayaking on Lake Pukaki, Tasman Lake, hiking and classic campfires...